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Helpers Making Hand Sanitizer for Others

Steve Shriver, who owns Eco-lips and is a partner in Soko Outfitters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was trying to order hand sanitizer for one of his businesses last week and realized there was none available for order. He had all the equipment he needed to mass produce his own but couldn’t source enough alcohol.

So Shriver reached out to Jeff Quint from Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery and partnered with the distillery for space and alcohol. The two rolled up their sleeves, recruited some volunteers and went to work.  

“As soon as I posted online that I was working on this project, I had parents with kids at home with cancer, businesses, daycares, dental offices, and other businesses saying we are extremely low,” Shriver says. 

Shriver and Quint are hoping to make 2,500 to 5,000 more bottles and gave the first batch away for free in a drive-through at New-Bo in Cedar Rapids on Wednesday. They plan to give away more on Saturday morning.