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Helpers Treating Patients via Teletherapy

Trilogy Therapy partners with school districts in the Rocky Mountain region providing speech, occupational and physical therapy using teletherapy. In the past two weeks, they have watched as schools around the country began to close and realized just how important the work they have been doing would become.  Their team of therapists began teaming up with several school districts and sprung to action.

The Trilogy team saw all of the questions special education departments were asking on social media and knew instantly that the work they were already doing at Trilogy Therapy would have significant impact.  Many school districts have been trying to create on-line education and special education programs for their students in just a matter of weeks or even days. It has taken Trilogy several years to create their virtual programs, and in the last week, they have been able to make their model available to create effective on-line training programs for school districts.

"It’s been an interesting few weeks as we’ve been contacted by school districts from all over the country," said Ellen Treide (speech therapist). "Outside of the work we have been doing with schools, we’ve also been consulting with healthcare providers on telehealth regulations. Things have moved rapidly because President Trump relaxed HIPAA compliance laws during this national emergency and our own state has also opened the doors to additional therapy services which we will now be offering effectively via video," she said.

"In the future, we’ll look back on this time and realize what a paradigm shift it was for teletherapy, but for right now, we are working around the clock to help teachers and therapists become engaging, efficient, and successful with tele-services," said Treide

Ellen Treide MS, CCC-SLP is Speech Language Pathologist in Wyoming.

Written by: Helper Staff